Equality and Diversity Awareness

Course Information

This course is designed for all employees working in social care.

Course Objectives /Aims & Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes:
  • Gather greater awareness of equality, diversity and inclusion in Social Care
  • Learners will understand how to work in an inclusive way
  • Understand how to raise awareness of diversity, equality and inclusion
Aims & Objectives; delegates will be able to;
  • Describe key legislation and codes of practise relating to diversity, equality and inclusion
  • Recognise how their own beliefs may affect working practise
  • Work in an inclusive way and raise awareness of diversity, equality and inclusion amongst other employees.
  • Recognise others not working in an inclusive way
  • Describe the potential effects of discrimination

Course Outline

  • Laws relation to Diversity, Equality and Inclusion
  • Learn what is meant by Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Discrimination
  • Meaning of discrimination and possible effects
  • Why people discriminate
  • Inclusive and Exclusive practises
  • Raising awareness and challenging discrimination

Mode of Delivery

  • Presentation
  • Group work
  • Role play

Benefits Perceived by Participants

  • Skills for Care HSC 34 HSC 35 HSC 3116
  • Better understanding Cultural awareness and the effects of discrimination
  • Intended for

    • Anyone who works within a social care environment

    Pre-course Requirements

    • None

    Course Duration

    • 3 hrs

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