Safer Client Handling Awareness

Course Information

This course is for employees working with in the care home environment, managers, and carers

Course Objectives /Aims & Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes:
  • Delegates will carry out safe moving and handling practises within the Care Home environment. Delegates will use safe practises when moving between service users to prevent spread of infection, and to protect themselves and service user from injury.
Aims & Objectives; delegates will be able to
  • Quote the Principles of Manual handling
  • Demonstrate safe practise when assisting service users to move
  • Show an understanding of our spine and how to protect it
  • Show correct posture in various positions.
  • Carry out a risk assessment

Course Outline

  • Legislation relating to Moving & Handling
  • Back Care & The Spine
  • Client Dignity, Care Value Base
  • Movement of inanimate loads
  • Manual Handling Methods
  • Manual Handling Risk Assessment
  • Practical Session- where applicable

Mode of Delivery

  • Presentation
  • Group work
  • Practical

Benefits Perceived by Participants

  • HSC22, 215, 223, 240, 243
  • Safer moving and handling techniques

Intended for

  • Everyone working within the Social Care Environment

Pre-course Requirements

  • None

Course Duration

  • 3 hrs theory
  • 2 hours practical if applicable

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